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Just Action brings together the Irish, Spanish, Norwegian and Italian members of the Global Action Plan (GAP) International Network. Contact your country’s responsible partner to get in touch with us!

Global Action Plan Ireland

Global Action Plan (GAP) Ireland is a different type of environmental charity. We work with communities of place and of interest across Dublin and throughout Ireland.

We are on a mission to support schools, communities and business to take practical action to live as sustainably as possible. Our environmental education programmes help support people with education and creative tools to respect and protect their environment.

Our DPSM accredited GLÁS Community Garden acts as an outdoor learning environment whereby schools, businesses and volunteers work on various projects, learn new skills and start to understand the importance to protect green spaces.

As practitioners for Education for Sustainable Development we empower people to contribute to the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals. Through education our aim is to engage and inspire people to live sustainable lifestyles through positive behaviour towards; water, food, waste, packaging and community. Our goal is to remove the barriers and misconceptions holding people back from taking action.

GAP Spain

GAP Spain forms part of GAP International, a network of NGOs active in the field of “education for sustainable development” and related programmes for sustainable behaviour change.

GAP Spain has delivered projects for over 25 years, with offices in Madrid & Bilbao. The multiple programmmes delivered to school children, students, office employees and the general public have a common goal: empowering people to live and work increasingly sustainably.

Further, GAP Spain works with people to reduce CO2 emissions, to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and to promote a more sustainable way of living, as well as to protect the planet’s resources, always in line with the sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda.

InEuropa srl (Italy)

InEuropa Srl is an Italian company founded in January 2006 by experts who have been working on EU projects for over 20 years with the aim of supporting public and private organizations and associations in accessing EU funding opportunities.

InEuropa has developed an innovative approach that identifies a project as a process of change. For over 10 years, InEuropa has been the Italian Antenna of the Global Action Plan International, promoting and implementing projects able of generating a change in behaviors towards sustainability, especially in schools.

Its main activities are in providing information, training and technical assistance on EU policies and European action programmes . InEuropa team is made up of facilitators and catalysts able to introduce strategic planning in any organization, favoring networking, with particular regard to local development actions, culture, environment and social problems.

Framtiden i våre hender (Norway)

Framtiden i våre hender, meaning “future in our hands”, is Norway’s largest environmental organisation, and works for a fair distribution of the world’s resources. Framtiden works to assist government and businesses in facilitating green and ethical choices.

Framtiden is a non-governmental organisation independent from political parties or religious groups. This organisation is comprised of a democratic structure, with a biannual general assembly and a competent board.

Where do we come from: GAP International

GAP International is a catalyst for global behavioural change, a network of organisations working together to advance and implement approaches that empower people across the world to adopt truly sustainable lifestyles.