Our Mission

About Just Action

The current climate emergency can only be met by active global citizens. As schools are integral to developing young people’s identity, agency and sense of justice, Just Action aims to empower teachers to increase students’ awareness of global challenges and empower them to take climate action.

The Resources

Over this 3-year Erasmus+ project, we have created free resources for teachers, to support them to bring Global Citizenship Education inside their classrooms. We built the resources by working directly with school teachers from the project’s partner countries (Ireland, Norway, Italy and Spain).

The student’s journey

The student’s journey is a set of activities for primary and secondary school, meant to foster students’ climate action in the classroom, in their school and in their community.

The teacher’s journey

The teacher’s journey is an online guide for teachers who want to find out how to teach Global Citizenship Education in an effective way.

The process

First, we worked with a Design thinking specialist to develop our team capacities and be ready to create a prototype of our resources.

We met for the first time some teachers from our countries, to gather all the necessary information to start working on their needs.

Based on the needs that teachers had shared with us, we prepared a set of classroom activities for primary and secondary school. All of them presented extensions to help students to act beyond their classroom. We handed them out to teachers, for a first school testing.

In the meantime, we started to develop the teacher’s guide to GCE. We found out that teachers can be considered heroes, in a narrative sense, and we imagined our guide to be inspired by the hero’s journey. So, we called it “The teacher’s journey”.

In 2023, we met teachers and principals from the four partner countries in Oslo, Norway. We involved them directly in the design thinking process: how do you want resources to be changed? We worked with them and gathered their insights.

After collecting materials and ideas in Oslo, we worked hard to change and adapt activities and resources to the actual needs of Global Citizenship Education teachers and students.

We have redesigned the resources considering that both students and teachers make a journey while teaching and learning GCE. So, there will be a student’s journey (one for primary, one for secondary) and a teacher’s journey.

We are currently testing our student resources (PR1 and PR2) in schools. The testing will give us the opportunity to fix minor problems and to finalise the materials. After that, they will be available online for free.

In 2024, the teacher’s journey will also be ready to be tested by teachers.